Onestop AI Platform for Learners, Teachers & Education Institutions.

Our organization aims at enhancing every niche of academic resources to step up
with the latest development in AI technology.


Utenix Journey

Our Story

— Progressive Past

Core organizations of UTENIX were founded in 2009 as a pioneer of the online academic industry. With the continuous preparation of individual learning material and records of countless interactive tutoring sessions, we now hold over one million individual academic solutions and modules.

— Goal, Vision & Mission

We adhere to the timeless words of the poet T.S Elliot in What the Thunder Said
"Give, Enrich & Strive!"

A Goal to Give the best educational resources to the global knowledge body

A Vision to Enrich the minds of every learner and teacher across the world &

A Mission to Strive and conquer every adversity along the path to our destiny

— Fruitful Future

We strive to make AI based advancements in academic planning, models, development of curriculums, learning modules, interactive platforms, teaching tools, digital libraries, simulations and scheduling technologies for making education more accessible and easier to organize.

— Founded in
— Industries

ITE's, KPO, ERP & Research

— Services

Academic Database, Resource Mining, Educational Applications, Research Publishing, ERP for Learning

Know Utenix

Let us being the voyage to learn together, enrich knowledge and may our efforts emulate the fire of intellect

Our Assets

A culture of collaboration that drives innovative discoveries vital to our world, our health and our

Reference Library

Over 2 Million Academic Q & A

Learning Aids

Over 20 Million Flashcards

Instructor Resources

7 Unique Tools for Professors

A great service to education! Utenix is one of the very few organizations placing knowledge over profits and a unique platform for instructors and educators to access the latest in technology.

Dr. Abram Goldman

Professor, MSU

I am really happy to know the source of such great products. Your team is awesome and deserve more praise than I could every say. Thank you for making me a graduate.

Sylvia Mustico

Student, Yale

It is hard to find real innovation in this age of do-over's and lack of creativity. Your company stands out as a beacon for scholars seeking technological solutions.

Robert Everson

Campus Director, Pennington College

Your tutors are really life savers. Thank you for helping me with my education all along. Would never have made it without your help. Thanks a bunch!

Ashkan Kardar

Student, New South Wales

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